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How To Dismantle A Bar Stool

How To Dismantle A Bar Stool

Buying high quality furniture for your home is a sign of good tastes. Bar stools is by far one of the most functional and stylish furniture pieces. However, sometimes you need to dismantle your bar stool to get it in to a more compact position to box it up. This might be to transfer the stool to some other location or in some rare cases wanting to return it to the shop. In any case, you can follow these steps to securely dismantle your bar stools without compromising the parts and mechanisms of the furniture. Instead of calling in to the furniture store for help with disassembly, you can take it up as a simple DIY project at home.

  1. Seat removal and protect the floor – Start by putting down a soft cloth or rug on the ground. During dismantling the bar stool you will need to invert the furniture and put on the floor. The rug will protect the bar stool’s parts while also protecting the floor from any scratches. You should unscrew the bar stool’s seat to avoid any damages to the soft surface.
  2. Removal of the column from the base – Invert your stool to start the dismantling process with the base. Get a hammer or a lighter rubber mallet and firmly tap on the column running right beneath the base. Make sure the taps are not close to the black clip that is positioned n the centre of the base. This firm tapping will lead the column to simply slide out. In case it is jammed for any reason, a little WD40 will help loosen the column and slide it out more easily from the base. Remove the base of the stool from the entire set up.
  3. Removal of the footrest of the stool – straighten the stool again and this time hold the column between your legs tightly to secure the position of the stool. Take a screwdriver and position it along the rim of the gas lift or footrest of the stool. Now hit the screwdriver firmly with a hammer or mallet. The column should slide out of the footrest mechanism as well. Make sure to tap around the inside edges of the rim to avoid even slightly damaging the outside and more visible parts of the stool.

Finally, whether you are returning the tool to the store or simply wanting to move to some other location, make sure to pack the parts in a proper box. For return to the store, it is essential to pack the stool in to the original packaging. Inventory the number of parts and their condition before sending in the package to the store.

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youtube video how to unassemble a bar stool

How To Assemble A Table

How To Assemble A Table

Sturdy ad stylish furniture increases the style quotient of every home interior. However, if you do not assemble the furniture with utmost care, you might end up with a wobbly table or chair. It can even become dangerous at some punt. Paying the store or professional for the assembling of a simple table can pinch a little. Therefore, if you are confident about your DIY skills, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below to assemble a table without any hassles.

  1. Stabilizing the base – the threaded rod should be carefully placed through the spider attachment to create the first step of the table base construction. Tighten the nuts on the correct position of the spider to ensure the rod is sturdily attached to the spider. Check the level of the rod. Also, check whether there is any hint of protrusion through the flat surface level of the spider. If a protrusion exists, it will make the table lopsided when it is placed on this base.
  2. Placement of the column – the column should now be carefully placed over the threaded rod until it reaches the spider base. At the correct position, the column should be level with the top of the spider and the top of the threaded rod should be protruding from the top of the hollow column.
  3. Placement of the base plate- the base plate will be placed over the threaded rod and column set up. If a washer is included in the set up, you have to place it at this point. In any case, once done, tighten the nut to securely hold the table base for a secure and sturdy table.
  4. Choice of the top- chooses the right type of table top to compliment your table assembly. The tops are available today in wood, laminates, stone, metal and glass. Marble, limestone and granite tabletops are most popular amongst the stone options. Granite weighs at least 10% more than a marble table top. However, granite s very easy to maintain as compared to marble table tops.

Take precautions when assembling your table. The table tops should be careful protected in special wraps to ensure the surface is not scratched or damaged during the assembling process. Make sure all your tools are at the same place. The different boxes and separate parts of the table should also be within hand’s reach. When placing the tabletops, wear protective gloves. This is especially essential when working with breakable tabletop surfaces such as glass or splinter prone wood tabletops.

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Designing the modern master bedroom – aesthetic tips

Designing the modern master bedroom – aesthetic tips

With space at a premium at most homes, each room has to be more functional. Bedrooms have to be accommodating as a peaceful sleep chamber but also function as an emergency home office or a simple seating area. It might also call for a small cozy nook allotted just for some leisure reading curled up on winter afternoons. It is supposed to be your haven and you can design it any way you want. Here are a few tips to help you design your master bedroom according to your preferences.

  • Choose the bed – choose the highlight of the room before you begin assembling any other elements in the room. You can choose Victorian style beds in metal to create a cozy romantic look. You can choose a bed in solid pine or oak finish if a no fuss style is more up to your comfort. A Chesterfield bed hints towards an old world feel amongst the modern design elements of the room. If you have a bold design preference, go for a faux leather or full leather bed. However, be ready to back you choice of bed with appropriate maintenance options.
  • Choose storage furniture pieces – the next priority in this room will be the storage furniture piece. Choose a set of side tables for your bed with plentiful drawers, pull out desks and cubbyholes to store your knick-knacks and important trinkets. You can also keep a water jug and your timer on the surface of the bedside tables. The wardrobe will have your essential clothing and is more functional for homes that do not have enough closet space. Choose a piece in sturdy metal or wood material. Cedar or oak finishes will also double as a natural protestant against any weather or pest damages.
  • Tables and chairs – The bedroom seating furniture pieces do not have to be bulky. Also, stick with just one or two chairs to create a cozy seating ambience. Luxury style chairs with chrome ring back designs and studded edging in velvet material is a fine choice for bedroom seating. You can also choose a single lady’s chair with a small footstool done up in the perfect upholstery to match the design theme of the room. You can choose to install a small study desk at one corner of the room to create a nook for going through your correspondences. You might also choose to skip a table placement completely and instead choose an upholstered bench or ottoman at the foot of the bed to create a more modern designer look.

Design your bedroom with ideal furniture pieces and amp up the image with quirky headboards, posters, and lighting options. Remember to stick to the design that soothes and interests you instead of following market dictates blindly. Never clutter the available space in the room.

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